We are looking for reliable partners

We are looking for qualified, experienced and capable businesses or individuals, to help expand our global network.
Our partners will always be given the highest level of respect and trust, as we are looking to build long-term relationships with our distributors.

Benefit to become our distributors

Puresky partner program is designed to create committed, long-lasting and rewarding relationships with our partners and resellers. Listed below are some of the benefits and features of joining our partner program.

  • Regular launches of new and innovative products: We know that our products are the key foundation to your business success. We invest significant time and effort into global market research, and consult with our partners and users, in order to understand the end-user challenges, needs, and desires, before we begin to design innovative new products.
  • Professional support for partners: offering professional after-sales support is essential in this industry to win new customers. Our experienced support team is ready to handle your issues and connect with your clients too.
  • Competitive distributor pricing: We understand that a competitive market price is key to sucess, so we have strict price control to make sure that our distributor have enough margin to generate profit.
  • Business Promotion: We know that growing the reputation of your business is challenging, requiring effort, time and skill. As a Puresky partner, we will collaborate with you to promote your business through our various platforms, including social media, our website, and other avenues as well.

Finally, it does not matter if you’re interested in selling our products as a large-volume distributor, or you’re just looking to make a single bulk order from usr. We will always give you our highest standard of customer support.

Whether you are looking for toolboxes or workshop equipment and accessories, you can trust us to meet your requirements. Contact us today to learn more about our product range.

Become a partner in 3 simple steps

  • Send an email with your company information to
  • Answer the questions that we send you
  • We will review your application and let you know the outcome within 3-5 working days