We offer a standard warranty of 1 years, but everything is engineered with great care to last much longer than that, even under highest usage. We will also set up partnerships in the countries we ship to so that if anything goes wrong, the issue can be solved within your home country.
Warranty limitations:
● Improper use or installation
● Improper maintenance
● Unauthorized modification or repair
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Puresky has a dimension of approx L335 x W260 x H338mm.

Featuring a detachable design that allows for easy detachment of the grinding blades, you can thoroughly clean every nook and cranny, ensuring hygiene and long-lasting use.
And Puresky Composter has a Cleaning Mode, it can be cleaned automatically.

Up to 4 liters of organic waste can be processed in each cycle. This results in a compost quantity of approx. 0.3 liters.

What Puresky will happily process for you: vegetables, fruit (including banana peels), leftovers, bread, bakery, processed food, dairy products, eggshells, tea bags, coffee ground, leaves. Moldy or not, doesn’t matter. Regarding the energy consumption during processing, we’d recommend waste that’s as dry as possible.

What you can add to Puresky in small amounts: large (pork, beef) bones, meat, sausages, cheese, small (chicken) bones, small nut shells, (very) small twigs, single-use items marked as “biodegradable” or “compostable”.

What you should never fill into Puresky (because it wouldn’t compost in 48h or would harm the device): paper, fruit stones bigger than 1 cm, threads, yarn, branches, wood, animal litter, and animal carcasses.

Absolutely not. You should dispose of pet waste in the garbage, by burning it, or whatever other method your local municipality requires or recommends.

Yes, Puresky is safe for children. In order to prevent danger, there is a smart powering off function if the cover is opened.

The processing time is from 3 to 6 hours. 3 hours for fast mode and 6 hours for Standard mode.

Puresky Composter has revolutionized waste disposal with 6 precision-engineered grinding blades, you can get a remarkable 80% boost in grinding efficiency! Our advanced grinding system effortlessly handles even the tiniest waste particles, ensuring the comprehensive disposal of every bit of kitchen waste.

Puresky is designed to be highly energy-efficient and also uses the heat generated during the composting process.

The power consumption of Puresky is estimated between 150 - 200 kWh / year for a four-person household. This is similar to the consumption of a coffee machine at home. For a two-person household, the consumption is around 75 - 100 kWh.

Simply plug it in and start composting!

Puresky works almost noiseless. In the drying and shredding mode after the input of organic waste, the volume is comparable to a washing machine. The volume of the later composting process is comparable to a dishwasher.

To ensure that your compost is processed odorless, we have implemented several technical features in Puresky, including dual integrated active carbon filter.

Depending on how often you create compost and which food scraps you put inside, we recommend changing your Puresky filter every 3 to 6 months. And the machine monitors the usage of the filter box and provides timely reminders for replacement

The filter packages will be available in our online shop as soon as we start distributing the first Puresky machines. We are looking at solutions for the most sustainable way to recycle the filter and even have plans for a reusable filter solution.

You can use the finished product directly in your garden by placing it on top of the soil near your plants and gently raking it in. The end product will not be quite as potent as traditional compost from a compost pile. However, it is far better than adding chemical fertilizers and will still add organic materials to your soil.

● Don’t put in pig or beef bones, as it is highly likely to cause the machine to clog and cause damage. Cooked chicken or fish bones only.
● Don’t put only high-sugar or starch foods such as apples or potatoes in the composter because the sugar and starch will become harder after the water dries up, forming hard lumps that can cause blockages. (Mixing vegetables and other foods with high-starch foods can solve this problem.)
● The bucket of the composter is a reinforced non-stick pan. To protect its non-stick effect, it is not recommended to put in hard foods such as shells and large bones, especially shells which can easily damage the non-stick layer.
● The machine can handle all plant-based foods, meat, fruits (those with high sugar content need to be mixed with other foods), and poultry bones. It cannot handle pork bones, beef bones, plastics, or metals.

●The machine's nameplate indicates 500W, but its average power during the entire working process is around 150W (the machine has intelligence sensing and can adjust power in real-time). The power consumption for a regular food cycle is about 0.5 kWh.
●Regarding the "cannot handle" foods, it means that there is a probability of abnormal occurrences during processing, such as:
1. machine blockage and alarm (requires manual intervention);
2.damage to the non-stick layer of the feeding bucket, affecting its non-stick effect.

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